Across The Tracks: A Route 66 Story

ACROSS THE TRACKS: A ROUTE 66 STORY is a national radio series which aired on NPR and PRI: three, one-hour audio documentaries, with music and readings from artists who’ve celebrated 66: Woody Guthrie, Ry Cooder, Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Bobby Troup, plus dramatic excerpts from films and old radio – Orson Welles and Wolfman Jack.

The series is narrated by Martin Milner, star of the Route 66 TV series. 3 CD set.

#1 Route 66 Forever: How Route 66 took its roots from the railroads. Join everyone from rock stars to rocket scientists in recounting tales of the Old Road.

#2 Route 66's Prairies & Plains: The joys of driving, eating, and sight-seeing on 66 from Chicago to Amarillo. Visit with ranchers, farmers, and Okies fleeing the Depression and dust storms. #3 Route 66's Mountains & Desert: The wild, Western 66 from camel trails in New Mexico to a Hollywood finale on Sunset Boulevard. Hear the motel owners tell the stories travelers left behind when checking out.